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Alessandra Cella cover
  • Rebrand
  • Photography
  • Spot

Alessandra Cella.

The Studio

Alessandra Cella, Design your smile.

Alessandra Cella Orthodontic Studio offers comprehensive services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial malocclusions. With years of experience and the use of modern equipment, the team provides a wide range of high-quality treatments.

The studio contacted us because they needed a complete renewal of their digital image. Our proposal was to offer a complete rebranding that would reflect their values and high-quality standards.

  • Emotional Spot
  • Logo Rebranding
  • Coporate shooting
  • Staff photos
Cella image 1
Cella image 2

Our work

For Alessandra Cella Studio, we produced the necessary content for the creation of their new website. By conducting portrait photos of their staff and corporate photos in action, we got to know them and established an excellent rapport. This allowed us to craft a suitable script for their emotional commercial spot and gave us the opportunity to design a new logo that fully represents them.

Cella action 1
Cella action 2
Cella action 3
Cella action 4

Professionalism and trust

The emotional video spot was specifically crafted to convey a message of trust, professionalism, and a high level of service towards the clients.


Tailor made

Starting with the design of a new modern and clean logo that was meaningful and related to their work, we then proceeded with corporate photography of their workspaces, staff, and actions. Why settle for impersonal stock content? The result demonstrates how much more impactful it is to have tailor-made images that truly reflect reality.

Cella image rebrand
Cella image 3
Cella image 4
Cella image 7

Thanks for watching.

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